Girls' Brigade Northern Ireland, GBNI


The GB is for girls who are aged 3 up to 18.  They must be 3 by 1st July to start in September. We meet every Monday evening in the Church Hall.

Sections are

Tiny Tots – Aged 3        )

)           6.15pm – 7.30pm

Explorers – Aged 5 – 7   )

Every session we cover scripture, crafts, cooking, PE and games.  We have some fun nights and non-uniform nights during the year too.  There is a Tuck Shop a couple of times a year and the girls can bring money and buy some sweets.  We practice for a Christmas Evening every other year and our enrolment is held in November every year and we finish with our display in April.  There is also a Fun Day in May

Juniors aged 8 – 10      )

Seniors aged 11 – 13    )           7.15pm – 9.00pm

Brigaders aged 14 up    )

Every session we cover our Scripture Course and other elements of our Badge.  These include GBPE, sports activities, cooking and crafts.  We have fun nights during the year and non-uniform nights too.  This year we had a zumba night which the girls enjoyed.

As like the younger ones in the Company, we practice for a Christmas Evening every other year and our enrolment is in November.  We finish with our display in April.

For the Company Section we have camp every year to Castlewellan Castle.  Over the past few years we have started our session with a sleepover in August.  Last year Explorers, as well as those in the Juniors, Seniors and Brigaders were all able to come.  We order in food and chill, watching DVDs, getting nails done and generally just having a good time.  It is always very well attended.