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Dear praying friends,

It has been a while since we sent out a Prayer Update but since we are not completely hanging up our boots in CLC yet, we do want to inform you of the plans for the coming months. First and foremost we want to thank all those of you who pray for us and here are some of our Praise and Prayer points.


  • Health and strength – we are very grateful for Leslie’s continued ability to be actively involved in the CLC work, especially the heavier work as well as the driving.
  • Next Generation – Both families are proving the Lord’s help and provision. Andrew and Vicky with Elliott and Noella had a very rich time in Germany where Andrew had the opportunity to share the Gospel with over 100 teenagers for a week at a camp. Charis, Peter and Selina’s little girl, saw the Lord answer prayer for her severe eczema, which turned out to be mainly food intolerances, which were identified and her skin is so much better. We need to see the same thing happen for Noella who has similar issues.
  • The Bookshop: We will be quite a bit less involved in the day to day running of the bookshop but we are thankful for Carol having joined the team. Also Jennifer, a new volunteer.
  • For the number of Bibles which are being purchased
  • The wide open doors for Christmas Bookstalls to be taken across the Highlands again this coming season.


  • September 25th-28th we will be manning the Bookstall at Scottish Northern Convention in Dingwall, morning and evening.
  • Promotion of the NEW CLC website
  • Finalising the planning of the Christmas Bookstalls. Every year we pray for the Lord’s leading and again this year we have new opportunities and churches keen to work with us. Will this be the last year?
  • Pam as the manager of the shop in Inverness along with her team, Wendy who works three days per week and Carol, one day per week.
  • For the customers with particular needs to find encouragement, help, hope and Salvation in Jesus Christ through conversations and resources
  • The Bookshop Window display continues to draw passers-by’s attention and many stop, take an interest in what is displayed and then look at the signage as to what sort of shop this could possibly be. (Some tourists even take photos)
  • The challenges of running a profitable Christian Bookshop, keeping up with the right stock
  • For us personally, there will be a bit of an adjustment in the work/life balance!

In our Christmas letter, there will be more news and also some photographs, for now we just want thank you again for praying for us.

Our Christmas Bookstall itinerary – follow us across the Highlands in prayer.

Yours in HIM,
Leslie and Esther

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