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“There is nothing”. And he said, “Go again”, seven times. And at the seventh time he said, “Behold, a little cloud like a man’s hand is rising from the sea” 1 Kings 18; 44-45a

It’s worth reading this story in its context. Our God hasn’t changed!

Dear praying friends,

Praise the Lord for:

  • Protection on the road. We never take it for granted, when we arrive safely at any destination we travel to.
  • Days to rest and relax over the festive season
  • Health and strength, no colds or flu
  • Moderate weather for Leslie to be out on the Golf course! Essential for his general fitness.
  • Grace and enabling in some challenging situations
  • For the Lord’s hand on many aspects of the Ministry of CLC UK

Prayer for:

The imminent arrival of the reconstructed computer server for the Inverness shop. At this point we don’t know how much of the Data has been saved or if we have to start from scratch and its implications.

  • Pam and Wendy as they head off to Aviemore with the bookstall to the Deep Impact conference, 20-22nd of January. (Deep Impact is the Scottish Youth Leaders Conference to which we usually have been to but we thought Pam along with Wendy are a bit closer to the age bracket of the conference!)
  • The Aberdeen Team, who at present are without a manager. It has been quite a testing time for all sorts of reasons and they need our prayers for God’s leading as to the future management of the Aberdeen team.
  • In Aberdeen the shop lease is also coming up for renewal soon.
  • CLC Trustees Meetings for Esther and the rest of the trustees near Chester 24/25th of January
  • Stocktaking 31st of January
  • Life in the Spirit Conference Feb 20th-23rd, Phil Burnham is doing the bookstall there direct from CLC Sheffield. Pray for him as he orders the stock in the coming days.
  • We plan to drive to Tadworth in Surray on February 16th to help with the grandchildren, (pray for Elliott and Noella) while Andrew is at the Life in the Spirit conference. On the way there and back we look forward to visiting various friends and colleagues. Returning back to Inverness on the 27th.

Now it just leaves us to say a huge Thank you to you all who pray for us. GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD!

Yours in HIM
Leslie and Esther

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