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Dear family and friends,

It is with great joy and thankfulness to God that we write to you again during this Advent Season as we are all busy planning and getting ready for Christmas. Thoughts of friends and family, near and far, are never far from our minds. Many of you who read this letter have been getting our newsletters for many years and followed us around as our boys have grown up and flown the nest and have families of their own now. A little bit more about them later….


d1216_03A bit about ourselves: The above photo was taken on our way to the Isle of Skye for our last Christmas Bookstall this year. Many of you have been praying for these trips. All we can say is that we have been wonderfully upheld and strengthened. We were conscious of the Lord’s protection and have experienced wonderful fellowship and many meaningful conversations with folk all across the Highlands. Leslie’s condition has in no way stopped him from carrying out the heavy work involved. Yes, we are learning to pace ourselves a little bit but there is still plenty to do. So retirement is still somewhere over the horizon…..

Although we meet with God’s people from various denominations across the Highlands, we are mostly involved with the Inverness Christian Fellowship. A bible-based church, where we see prayer as our main involvement.

d1216_04In November, Merland Rise Church have appointed Andrew, our son, as their Assistant Pastor which will take effect in February, although a lot of the responsibility is already apparent now. He has also now started the Pastoral training. Obviously these changes bring new challenges but they are a strong family unit with Vicky still teaching. It is important to the parents that they can spend as much time with Elliott and Noella as possible. We do miss seeing them but look forward to spending the weekend before Christmas with them, which will be a treat!

d1216_05Now this family we see a lot more of and it is a delight to watch Charis developing into a bright little girl. She is her daddy’s pride and joy. We mentioned to you that Peter was taking part in a clinical trial for Psoriasis at the hospital. Very soon, he was able to report a marked improvement in the condition. Of course they are keeping a close eye on him as to the long-term effects. For now he continues to work at Timpsons but they are praying regarding possible changes in the future. Selina’s maternity leave has just come to an end and she is very happy being back at work a few shifts per week.

For those of you who pray for us regularly, here some Prayer Request:

  • The CLC Bookshop and its ministry in the centre of Inverness. We feel so privileged still being able to have this shop where people from all over the world come to all year round obtaining Christian resources.
  • Pam, the manager and the team. Wendy, our part-time employee and all our the faithful volunteers. Young Calum being the newest and youngest who wants to serve the Lord besides his time at school.
  • Praise God for the large number of Bibles still being sold
  • Wisdom to know what our involvement with CLC looks like in the future. We will have to make some decisions during the coming year.
  • Esther’s responsibility as Trustee but also as Cluster Mentor for the three shops in Scotland continues. This has involved a bit more travel than usual but she enjoys this aspect of the work, although it can get quite tiring at times.

d1216_06It now seems such a long time since we spent our holidays in Switzerland. We drove about 4500 miles on this trip, yes it was a lot! However, apart from one major panic moment, when we nearly missed the ferry in Hull, all went really smoothly. While we took the opportunity to visit various members of Esther’s family, including her mum, we were grateful to stay with her brother Paul and his wife Christine.

A huge thank you to all those who continue to support in prayer and in practical ways.

May we now wish you a very blessed Advent- and Christmas Season, celebrating the Birth of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

With our love in HIM

Leslie and Esther Dowey