Stepping Off The Edge


There comes a time when the fledgling has to leave the nest, (and that’s what has happened in our household recently, our young ones have flown.) The parents start slowly taking the down out of the nest, then remove the twigs, until there nothing left. Eventually they literally force the fledgling eagle off the edge of the cliff. He steps out as it were into nothing. Are you in that position right now? What the Lord wants you to do is to stretch your wings of faith today. Even as the little fledgling steps into so called “nothing”, he is actually stepping into fresh air. The little wings that have been developing for the last while suddenly start flapping. That air lifts him up and he begins to experience the most exhilarating feeling he’s ever had in his life. Once he can fly on his own he will not be back in the nest again.

If you recall Peter stepping out of the boat onto the water and he started walking because Jesus called him to come. He was walking perfectly on the water to his master until he took his eyes off his Lord, looked around and saw the huge waves. Then he started to sink and shouted out, “Save me Lord!” The Lord saved him immediately. One does not have to be a prophet to look around and see that things are disintegrating round about us. The only thing that will stand at the end of the day is the Word of God.

God is no respecter of persons, any man, women, boy or girl who chooses to believe in Him will have life and have it most abundantly. Just like that little fledgling eagle that stepped out into fresh air and started to fly like his mother and father, step out today and start to fly. You will have a life such as you never dreamed was possible.

Ken Bell